August 29, 2007

Sleep... all I want is sleep

Here I am sitting at my computer again.... wishing I were sleeping. Dogs have been barking all morning or else they have been jumping into bed with me and won't stop moving. I wish that they new that I was sleeping and knew to be quiet. It would be so helpful if they did.

Anyway, I have worked the last 2 nights and boy people don't change!!!! I was hoping that when I came back from vacation I wouldn't notice how petty people are... in reference to my job. Boy was I wrong!!!!! Things have not changed at all. It is really sad what some people call the police for. Here is one of my favorite calls of all times. I have only been doing this for 4 1/2 yrs and have more stories to tell for some other time, but I will share this one.

We have a frequent flier(what we call people who call all the time) who we all know likes to hit the bottle. This person called in to inform us that she was locked inside her apartment. I know, I know... we are all asking... inside her apartment. That is correct, she was locked inside her apartment. So the call is given out to the officers. They all know this party and one of the officers respond. The officer arrived, got into the apartment and then she left. We didn't know what the officer had done to help this woman, but we were about to find out. So the same person calls in about 10 minutes later and tells us again that she is locked inside her apartment. I got on the radio and asked the officer who went to the earlier call to head back over the assist this party again. The officer proceeds to tell me to have her turn the lock toward the blue post-it note. Now, I didn't know what the officer did while she was at the apartment, but after hearing this I had to mute the call so I could laugh my ass off!!!!! Once I composed myself I picked the phone back up and passed on the info. Turn the lock toward the blue post-it note. The caller told me that she had taken all of the post-it notes down. The officer was sent back over there and took care of the problem again. All in a days work!!!!

The above caller(frequent flier) also likes to call and when I answer she usually says that she wants to talk with someone older. Okay, I am 25 and my partners are 25 and 26. I happen to sound like I am 12, but what does that matter, I guess she thinks that there is a 12 yr old that is answering 911 lines and has a full time job?!?!? So I do as she asks and hand the call over to my 26 yr old partner. And let me tell you how much she likes this!!!! Oh well, it is off my hands!!!!

I have more stories to tell and will post them sporatically. Did I tell you that this woman has sheep that don't like to stay inside the fence? That is for another time.

August 26, 2007

Just Starting Out

I have read several blogs and find them to be very interesting and informative, so I decided to join the ranks. A little bit about me.... I am 25 and from southern MN. I am a wife to my incredible husband of 2 yrs, S. I am a mother to 2 dogs, who are treated more like children. Raven is a 3 yr old black lab and Junior is a 6 yr old yellow lab/german shepherd. They both weigh over 80 lbs. They are my pride and joy, besides S that is. They don't have total run of the house, but most(S would tell you different). I am a 911 Dispatcher for the county that I live in and enjoy the job...most of the time. I work straight nights :( which sucks terribly!!!! I have also just started my own at home business with a direct sales company. I will call it PC as I don't believe that I am allowed to advertise it on a blog. I love the new business and am hoping for it to take off and become my only job. I would like to be able to stay home with our future children, but still be able to get away a few nights and make some money. I could continue to ramble, but I won't bore you anymore. I need to go and spend some time with my husband. We just got back from vacation today and have been doing a lot of cleaning, YUCK!!!! My family will be very proud that I have done several loads of laundry today!!!! I know, can you believe it!!!!