March 8, 2008


Yesterday was a blast! I had the privilege of spending the day with some of my favorite people. First off, I picked up E from G in the morning and then we went and visited K at work. E was happy to see her and she justed wanted her mom. So after that E and I went grocery shopping and awaited the call from KQ, one of my girlfriends. KQ and I were going to spend the day baking cakes for her boyfriend's, J's, birthday. So E and I did some quick grocery shopping and then hauled off to Target to pick up a gift for KQ to give to J. KQ new exactly what she was wanted, so E and I picked it up for her. After Target, E and I hit up McD's for some lunch and dropped off a bag to the dealership for S. Then it was off to KQ's house for some fun. E is a little afraid of dogs and KQ has 2 cockers, so it was going to be interesting once we got there. We got to KQ's and as soon as we were inside, E started crying about the dogs, but that only lasted about 30 seconds, because Auntie K is great at diversions. I pulled out color crayons and a coloring book and sat E on the counter and away she went. The dogs were no longer a concern!

We actually beat KQ to her house, so we waited just a few minutes and she arrived home with her groceries. As E was coloring, KQ and I got to baking some cakes. As you all know I love to watch the Food Network and I love to bake. KQ and I had found this recipe off of the show Barefoot Contessa. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. It is to die for! So we whipped up the cake and threw it in the oven and sat E down to watch Shrek2. E was so tired, so she laid down for a 2 hour nap. KQ and I just sat around and talked and started on the frosting. The frosting on this cake is almost better than sex! It is that good! S, I said almost! Anywho, the frosting on this cake is enough to clog a few arteries, but it is amazing! There are 6 sticks of butter in it. I know that that sounds like a lot, but it makes a ton of frosting! We made a 3 layer cake and still had enough frosting left to probably frost another cake and a batch of brownies! There was a ton of frosting!

The next step of the cake was to dye some fondant and cover the cake. KQ and I have never played with fondant before, but it was kind of like Playdo. It was really fun. She dyed a section of the fondant black, as we were making a racing theme cake and it was going to look like a checkered flag...I know we are pretty creative! I rolled out some plain white fondant to cover the entire cake with. I was under the impression that fondant tasted terrible and it was only used because it made cakes look really nice. Not true at all. I was feeling daring and decided that I would take a bite of the fondant. It was really good. Not something that I think I would eat a lot of, because I would end up with a terribly belly ache, but good enough to have a few bites. I had to leave KQ's before the cake was complete, because I had to get the groceries home for S to make dinner.

I made it home just at 6 and S was already home prepping for dinner. I was told that my parents were coming over for dinner. Jeff was here hanging out and having a beer with S. So I made E some dinner and she sat at the table with Jeff and ate. E loves mandarin oranges. She ate a ton of then yesterday! I also discovered that she likes blueberries. Jeff hung out for a little bit while E was at the house. K came and got E and stayed and chatted for a bit.

My parents got to the house a little bit later and we drank some wine while S finished dinner. He was making his amazing pasta of them. My parents haven't been over for dinner since we finished the kitchen and dining room, so they were impressed with all of the work and changes that have been made. Dinner was awesome as always and my parents enjoyed it. Hopefully it didn't bother Dad's stomach. It is a little touchy sometimes.

All in all, it was a great day. I can't think of a better day than that, except maybe my wedding day! I got to see most of my favorite people all in one day. That doesn't happen too often!

Now today I get to go see more of my favorite people. I have a baby shower for E and then we have J's birthday party tonight. Yummo! We get to finally eat cake! I can't wait!


March 5, 2008

Sick of being sick!

I am so sick of having the crud! I am sick of having to use sick time! I know that it is there to be used for such purposes, but I hate being sick and missing work. I have had this for almost 2 weeks and no I haven't gone to the doctor, because it will be a waste of my time. They will tell me that I have the crud and I need to rest and drink lots of fluids. I have been doing all of these things regularly lately.

I am sick of sleeping and am not all that tired, so I have been cleaning. I know that doesn't sound like fun either, but things just need to be cleaned up. I am not overworking myself as I don't feel well and should be sitting in front of the tv relaxing. I will do that in a little while.

It is snowing...again! I am so sick of this weather! I just want spring to be here already! I want to be able to not wear a jacket and not have to worry about sliding on some ice and getting in an accident. I just want everything to melt and be done. March is always the worst when it comes to snow in our area. Last year the worst snow days fell on days that I had to work! YUCK! Talk about being busy. I hope the girls aren't too busy today! I fell bad being home, but I don't want to get anyone else sick. I know that they can handle it, but it is always nicer to have 3 working instead of 2. Sorry D and M!

I am going to go finish tidying up and then I am going to go and watch some Food Network and play some Sudoku. Talk to ya soon.


March 4, 2008

Appraisal coming up...

So we are refinancing on the house...again. And the appraiser(sp?) will be coming next week to hopefully tell us that our house is worth a certain amount that we have fixed in our minds. But the down side is that we have to clean. Now we have done some major construction in our home and things have not been totally put back together yet. That is why the cleaning needs to be done. I have been cleaning for 2 days and will probably be spending my weekend off cleaning also. Did I mention we really need a cleaning lady? K are you listening? Anyway, the refinance is going to allow us to pay off a bunch of debt. Which will be great when we can actually put money in our savings account. I don't really remember what that is like seeing as it is winter and we have almost completely drained our savings. The whole business adventure will be much easier if we have a significant amount of money in our savings! I know S will agree with me on that one. Anyway I am off to clean somemore. I have a friend coming over who is going to be using my computer, so I thought that I better post quickly. Yeah right we all know I am really good at posting!! Hahahahaha! Talk to ya soon.