March 4, 2009


Cloudy is the way my mind is feeling today. I have just felt very slow on the draw. And I am talking about everything that I have done today has been slow. Which makes working a bit hard especially when you need to be fast about a medical or a serious accident. Luckily today was not very busy and there were no serious accidents. A few medicals, but I think the adrenaline kicked in and got me through those. Now I am finally home and ready to relax for the rest of the night.

I think that I may be getting a cold. My face is a little tingly, my teeth hurt, and the cloudiness is still there. It will be early to bed for me tonight. Probably some nyqil will also be used to assure a good nights sleep. I call it the nyqil induced coma.

March 3, 2009


I have been all over town today and something that I am seeing/hearing more often is kids talking back to their parents. It has completely gotten out of control. I sat down for lunch today and listened to a young girl yelling at her mother on her cell phone. So much for a peaceful lunch! I was trying to read a book. It was after the lunch rush...seriously there were like 3 tables occupied in the whole restaurant, but I thought that it was really rude. Not necessarily to me, but to the parent on the phone. I don't recall ever really talking to my parents that way. I would have gotten into some trouble if I even tried. It just blows my mind how disrespectful some kids are today. I am not saying that it is all kids, just some.


Last night was great. Scott and I went to the casino for the buffet. The food was okay, but the company was great. It has been a while since we were able to just sit down and chat. We both really enjoyed ourselves. It made me realize that we are way too busy and we need to set more time aside for just the 2 of us. Away from the house and all of it's distractions. I am thinking that we need to do this once a week or once every other week. It was really nice and refreshing for both of us. The stress from the past days/weeks was not present and it was just us. It was really awesome.

March 2, 2009

Daily Chores

I love when the daily chores are done and you can just sit back and relax! It is really rewarding. It is also rewarding when your significant other comes home and realizes the work that you have done. And they say something to you about how nice it looks. Chores accomplished.

Now I can go to dinner and not think about the things that I left for tomorrow. Tomorrow is it's own list of chores. So for tonight I get to sit back, enjoy the buffet at the casino, watch some tv, read some of my book, and just be.

So excited for Chuck and 24 tonight. Also can't wait to start the new James Patterson book. Can't wait!


Why do people gossip so much? Do they not realize that it is hurtful toward the person they are directing it? It just really gets old! And living in a small town makes it even worse. Everyone already knows too much about everyone else's business, but then they try to create their own version of what has happened. It just sucks!

I try to stay out of the gossip, which isn't as hard now as it used to be. I used to love to sit and gossip... especially when I was at work, but now it really bothers me. I have even had someone concerned about me because of my lack of gossipping! That is when you know it is bad. I now have come to hate it and do not like it going on around me. I no longer participate, even though sometimes it is really hard to keep my mouth shut. I am learning to be quiet.

Thank You God

It is amazing how things just seem to fall into place. Things have been pretty tight in our family as far as money goes, but we are still making it. I don't really know how we are staying afloat, but it is happening. It must be an answer to prayer. That is the only thing that I can come up with. God is so good!