January 20, 2008

Homicide...the word of the day!

Well, looks like my quiet Sunday was turned into the day from hell. There was a homicide in my pretty little town last night. Looks like some people just can't get along. Well, this makes my day crazy! With newsies calling and people related to the victim calling, my day was packed. Then not to mention the search being on for the suspects. There were so many officers and investigators on today that I couldn't keep them all straight. It is nice in my line of work that you become very familiar with voices. You can pretty much know who the person is just by hearing them say hello or just by catching a little of what they are saying on the radio. That is a godsend! Today with how many people were working we would have been lost if we did not have the years of experience that we have. We have pretty much worked at least a few shifts with every officer/deputy/investigator/trooper that was working. So my sudoku playing Sunday was nonexistent. Oh well, at least the day went really fast. The suspects were apprehended and have been hauled to jail. There is nothing better than to close an icr(complaint) with an arrest. Especially when it is a homicide.

So home I came right after work. I am spent and am really looking forward to sleeping tonight and not having to be up by 6 a.m. And what better to come home to than a pot of chili and a steak dinner. No we are not eating both tonight. The pot of chili is for the next week as leftovers. But the steak, garlic mash potatoes, asparagus, and crescent rolls are for dinner tonight! It looks like it is almost done, so I am going to boogey.

My growling stomach says goodnight,

By the way the chili tastes great. I had to have a little taste!

January 16, 2008

Not Much Happening

Work has been a bit crazy lately. We have had a lot of newsies calling about an explosion that happened in the area. Well, it was some guy who decided to blow up a dump truck in his front yard. He is currently in our jail and will be facing several charges. The problem with this event is that he lives near a Nuclear Plant. You can read more about this at the website for the Republican Eagle Newspaper. There have been several articles. I believe that the Minneapolis/St Paul newspapers have also been covering the event. Enough about that!

My sis and I are talking about opening our own gift shop in our pretty little town. We went to B and N the other day and bought a bunch of books on starting your own business. We also sent in a request to a group called SCORE who helps people start businesses and gives out business advise. It is a group of retired business men and women who are putting their expertise to work for others. We filled out a form for SCORE and are waiting to hear back about setting up an appt with them. My sis and I have both worked in gift shops before. K worked in one for about 10 yrs. and I worked at the same shop on and off for several years. We are also looking for a space for our store. There are not many spaces available at this time in our town, but there is one building that we both love. The only problem is you can't rent the building, you have to buy it. And there are 2 apts above the storefront. I don't know if we have the funds available to start and business and buy a building. We also run across the issue of finding quality renters. I think that we need to just sit down and talk about it and maybe take a look at the building. Who knows, maybe we will absolutely love it all and want to buy it. Probably not, but who knows!

Anyway, there isn't much going on today. S is at work and I am obviously sitting at my computer catching up on things. I am going to say bye for now. Maybe I will post again tonight depending upon what happens during my day.

Tata for now,

January 13, 2008

Mmmmmm Good!

We had the most amazing dinner tonight! Have I ever mentioned how great of a cook my husband is? Well, he is absolutely amazing! Tonight we had jumbo pasta shells, stuffed with cream cheese, fresh mozzerella cheese, cottage cheese, parsley, and minced andoili sausage. S made his own pasta sauce which is really good! A caesar salad with this really good dressing. It is Lite.hou.se dressing. I found it at Wa.lmar.t. It is in the produce section. It is the best caesar dressing I have found out there. Anyway, back to dinner. S baked the stuffed shells and them plated them with a bit of pasta sauce and more andoili sausage. Ohhhhhhhh so good! And for dessert we had a trifle with cubes of pound cake, strawberries, raspberries, whip cream, and some strawberry puree. Mmmmmm good! This was our second meal in our new dining room. Yes, the remodel is just about done. It has been a long few months between the kitchen and the breezeway/dining room, but there is an end in sight! The last few things that we need are doors for the coat closet and trim work. We are thinking about putting a stained glass window in this cut out area that we have. We just need to find a large enough window that won't break the bank. It may be a while before we find the right piece and get it all finished. At least the room is usable. We bought a new dining set from Slum.ber.land. It is really nice. It is a table with drop leaves, 4 chairs, and a long bench. I really like the bench. We actually bought 2 benches and one is being used near the entry to sit on to take your shoes off. The room as a whole looks great.

Kt and J came over for dinner tonight to enjoy the amazing meal with us. They are great company and are very appreciative about everything. I don't know how many times Kt said how great the meal was. I am not complaining about this as I completely agree with her. It is just really nice to know that she genuinely enjoys spending time with us. I don't know how many times we clinked our glasses, but it was a few. She also brought over a little house warming gift for us now that our house has become our home. It was alcohol. I can't think of a better gift than some great drinks. So of course we had to crack them open and have a few drinks. We had espresso martinis, which S has dubbed as capatinis, as they have 4 shots of espresso in them. They were delicious! I am not much of a martini fan, but these were good. Then we opened an always tasty bottle of E and D's wine. It was their cherry version. Wow that was good too!

All in all the night was really fun. Kt and I got to bs while the guys made the entire meal. Yes, you heard me correct, the guys made the entire meal while we sat and drank martinis. Could life get any better?

Well, I am off to bed. Now that I am on days I have to get to bed earlier. Just a note to Kt and J. We love your company and look forward to many more meals shared with you two! Hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.

Off to bed,

Oh... if you want to see pics of the meal and our new breezeway/dining room, check out S's blog, everyoneneedsaride.blogspot.com.

January 9, 2008


I know that I just completely rambled, but just go with it. I am pretty tired. :)

I am loving days!

So I am finally back on days. It only took about a year for us to hire and train the right person for the job. We went through two hiring processes and had one failure, but are finally almost fully staffed again. We are finding that the younger generation can handle the training process that comes with being a dispatcher. Now I am not saying that someone who is older can't do the job, I am just saying that they have not had as much computer experience as some of us younger adults. We have had a few people that were over 40 who were hired to do this job and the have washed out(as in did not get through the training, because they just couldn't do the job). This totally sucks, because we have to completely train them and give them the full opportunity to develop the skills. Luckily some people just decide to quit and not finish the training, but others have decided to go through with the whole 3 month training process and then wash out. This totally sucks for me, because I am at that point in my seniority that I get tossed from days to nights and back again. As you can see from the title, I am back on days. It has only been 4 shifts, so I am not getting my hopes up quite yet. Although the person who is almost done with training is doing a great job and seems to get the whole picture and can really multi-task. That is a huge part of the job. If you can't listen to two conversations at once, while typing up a complaint and running someone's license plate all at the same time as listening to what calls your partner(s) are taking, then this is not the job for you. It is a difficult job for someone who can't do all of the above things at once. Amazingly there are 12 people who work in my office who are pretty great at this and we all work pretty well together.

Anyway, back to the whole working days and loving it. Did I mention that I really like to spend time with my husband? I find this very difficult when I am working nights and he is working days. I kind of feel like I have a roommate that I sleep with and really don't ever see. It is very difficult! If you have never had to do this, you are a very lucky person. It totally sucks! So I am now working from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Yes, they are pretty long shifts...11.5 hrs, but when you work 2 days one week and 5 days the next it isn't too bad. The weekends get a little long when you have to work 3 shifts in a row, but it is doable. So now that I have had a whole whopping 4 shifts on days, I am really enjoying the time that I am able to spend with S. We have been home together the last few nights. It is taking some adjusting for both of us, but we are up for the challenge. I have worked nights since we started and dating and pretty much the whole time that we have been together. So adjusting to me being on days is going to take a little bit of time. S is a great cook and I love being at home at night to watch him cook these amazing meals. I sit on a dining room chair with my glass of wine and just am mesmerized by his cooking ability. It is really fun to watch. He is very NOT by the book, which I am not used to. I grew up with my mother making amazing meals that were cooked strictly by the recipe. It is fun to see S add a little bit of this and a little bit of that without really measuring it out. He goes strictly by taste and smell. I love it. He should have his own cooking show on Foo.d Net.work.

That is enough for tonight, I have to get to bed as 6 a.m. is going to come really quick. Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite!


January 8, 2008

Now Don't Pass Out!

I know my last post said that I would write that week, but things kind of got away from me.

Since my last entry, I have become another year older(puting me at a whopping 26), held another Thanksgiving at my home, my dad became another year older, we celebrated another Christmas with family and friends, I puked my guts out from the flu, we rang in another New Year with loved ones, and unfortunately mourned the loss of my grandmother. There was a lot of stuff in between, but these were the major events.

How about if we start with my birthday. It was a blast! In my family you don't really have a birthday, you have a birthweek or birthweekend. This would have been the first week of November. Yes, it has been that long! The first time we celebrated my birthweek, was with our friends Kt and J. I went over to Kt's earlier in the day and she and I made a cake. This wasn't your ordinary cake. It was kind of a tiered wedding cake. We really wanted to make one and what better excuse than a birthday. It was really fun. Her kitchen was a mess when it was all over, but the cake looked great. It was 2 tiers and have little purple flowers all over it. Right about the time we were finishing the cake, S and J showed up to make some dinner. We had an awesome meal! Halibut, chicken, garlic/parsley red potatoes, and mediterranean vegetables...yum! The meal was amazing! Then we had the cake and coffee for dessert. Who could ask for a better meal? Well, my mom is a pretty good cook too, so we had supper at my parents house the next night. My mom made her famous chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. One of my favorite meals. She makes the best chicken gravy! Kt and J came over along with K, G, and E and my parent's neighbor F. It was a blast.

Then comes Thanksgiving. This was the 4th Thanksgiving held at our home, but the first one in the new kitchen. It was much easier with the open floor plan that we are creating. The kitchen is pretty much complete, the only thing left to do is the trim. It looks great and this was the first time that some family members saw the new look. Just a little note, we bought our home from S's Aunt. She always held Thanksgiving here, so we've kept up with the tradition. Our new project is the dining room/breezeway(it is almost complete).

Christmas was different this year. I will explain more in a little bit. S and I went to his cousin's house to celebrate with his side of the family. We have done this for the last couple of years. We had some great food and good company. The kids opened their gifts and we opened a few. I was really tired from working the night before and had to get up early to be at work by 7 a.m. This is early for someone who normally works until 2 a.m. So we left, came home, and I went straight to bed. I got up early on Christmas Day, so I could go to work for a few hours. It is a really easy overtime shift and I work it every year. I have a coworker who likes to spend the morning with her family, so I work for her every year. I only worked two and a half hours. Like I said, it is a really easy shift. After work, I came home and wrapped all of the presents that we were taking to my families Christmas. Earlier I had said that this year was a little different. Well, almost everyone was sick. My mom had gone to the doctor a day or two before Christmas and found out she had strep throat. My sister came to celebrate with us and my dad ending up taking her to urgent care...as she had strep throat also. My husband was not feeling well either and spent much of the day curled up on the couch. My dad had a touch of a cold and my little niece, E, had a touch of a cold also. I was the only healthy one at the house until my brother-in-law arrived after work. My healthiness did not last for long. Scott was up at 3 a.m. with the flu on the day after Christmas. I slept through it. I went to work that night and came home at 5 a.m., after working all night, and started puking also. I hate having the flu and I hate puking even more! So, I missed a day of work, but am healthy again.

While I was sick, my grandmother died. I was pretty upset, because I couldn't go and say goodbye to her. She was in a nursing home and I didn't want to go and get everyone else sick. Plus, I don't think I could have moved off the couch even if I wanted to. Walking from the couch to the bed was hard enough. I don't think that I would have made it out to the car. So, I didn't get a chance to see her. We had the visitation and funeral last week. It was a nice funeral service...if you can say that about a funeral. My mother gave a great eulogy and my cousin, A, read some of the memories that the grandchildren had of our time with our grandmother. After the funeral the ladies at our church made a great lunch for everyone. The desserts were really good and I think we are still eating pieces of cake. The burial was at Fort Snelling. We were all huddled together to try to stay warm. It was bitter cold outside and the wind was wicked. Pastor said some words and we each said our final goodbyes. Still a little upsetting to talk about.

I do have to say having all of the cousins in town for the funeral was a good time. We got to spend some time with cousins that we haven't seen in many years. Last time I saw one of my cousins was when I was 14. We went to dinner with some of my cousins and then went bowling. It was a freaking blast! My cousin gets married in July of next year, so I think we will be making a trip to Virginia for this. Last time I was out to Virginia was when I was 6. S and my cousin B got along pretty well.

So, I know that this was a long post. A lot more has happened since November, but I highlighted the important things. The last bit of info is that I am finally back to working days. I hope that it lasts longer than the last few times I have gone to days. It will last as long as no one quits or goes out on maternity leave. I hope the next person on maternity leave is myself. You will all know when this happens!

Now, don't pass out because I finally blogged again. If you feel light headed, please place your head between your knees and take some deep breaths. Or grab a small paper bag and breath into it.