April 27, 2008

Can't seem to kick it...

I can't seem to kick this cold crap. I thought that it was gone, but this weekend has been hard. I came home sick from work last night and today I worked a little over a half day. I have been getting lots of rest and have been drinking lots of fluids, but I just can't kick it. I came home and made cheesy chicken tortilla soup. Yummy! I am going to head off to bed here shortly.

Hope everyone is keeping warm if you are up here in MN or if you are somewhere else I hope the weather is beautiful for you. Our furnace is dead, so we are making it through these next few cold days and hopefully we will have central air and a new furnace for this summer and next winter.

I am going to finish my soup, say goodnight to my hubby and head off for bed.


Amanda said...

Aw , i do hope you are feeling better soon:0)
Rest well and get that hubby to run after you!

love Amanda x

Amanda said...

Hope your feeling better,
Hope you don't mind but i've tagged you~ the rules are on my blog page~maybe it will cheer you up if your not feeling well:)

Greg said...

UM.....you need to slow down with the posting lady!!

Keep this up and I may have to change you name on my blogroll:)


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